Five Quick Points 
• Very popular study destination and welcoming to international students in admissions policies
• Incredible diversity of higher education institutions as well as programs – something for everyone
• High-quality, well-recognized degrees
• Amazingly rich, old, and vibrant culture – a main reason France is the world’s #1 tourist destination
• Many French schools have added international elements to their courses, allowing students to experience other European cultures
Why Study in France
3rd Leading host Country for Higher Education. Paid Internship opportunities. Top Ranking Universities. No IELTS / TOEFL.30-40% Discount on Accommodation. Paris ranked as the best Student City. Affordable Tuition Fees. Part time job opportunities. Work permit opportunities. Get an International Perspective. A major economic power. Renowned for technological and Scientific Innovations. Scholarships available.Very Well Paid Internship. 
Location and Geography
Metropolitan France is the largest nation in Western Europe, with a total area of 674,843 square kilometers. It is surrounded by Belgium and Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and by water bodies the Bay of Biscay, the English Channel, and the Mediterranean. France is a land of flat plains or gently rolling hills in the north and west, forests and mountainous areas in the Pyrenees (south), Alps (east), and lower Vosges mountains (north east). The capital city is Paris. 
Living Conditions & Cost of Living
Students can live reasonably well on around €800 a month (other than Paris, which is more like €1,000): accommodation €215–€450; food €210; books/stationery €50 and other €250, depending on location and lifestyle. An accommodation grant may be available for international students from the 2nd month (the amount varies according to rent, e.g., for a university room at €215, the grant is around €95). Tuition fees vary considerably, €500–€15,000 per year. Language courses can be expensive, depending on the type of institution and whether it is public or private. The average cost of health insurance is around €40–€50 per month. 
Education System
France spends more per capita on education (20% of total budget) than many other Western countries and has traditionally had high academic standards. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) currently ranks the French education system 25th in the world. The French education system consists of primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Primary and secondary education is predominantly public although well supported by private institutions. There are more than 400 institutions of higher education and research in four different types France’s 83 public universities offer degree programs in all disciplines and are spread throughout the country. There are three levels of degree: license (three years), master’s (five years) and doctorate (eight years). Degrees can be academic, technical, or professional. To be considered for admission, international students need to demonstrate they have the credentials that would allow them to undertake higher education in their home countries. Grandes écoles can be public or private, and they are a unique French invention. They are very selective in their admissions, much more so than the universities, and most specialize in business and engineering programs. Others have reputations for public administration, teaching and research, veterinary medicine, and military sciences, to name a few. The grandes écoles have admission procedures and guidelines for international students as well as for French students. Prospective international students must contact individual institutions directly for admission information and requirements for studying in France. Most programs are taught in French, although more higher education institutions are now offering courses in English. Entry requires appropriate French-language proficiency. Some students may need to sit a French language test or undertake a French-language course. 
More Information
www.discoverfrance .net